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vulgarize / опошлять, вульгаризировать
trivialize, vulgarize, hack, banalize, hackney
make less refined.
her voice, vulgarized by its accent, was full of caressing tones
‘'Clothing should glorify, not vulgarize , the body,’ Beene said in a 1996 interview with The Times-Picayune.
Even though they might have chosen to act as surrogates, the motives of these women would have been commercial, and the whole enterprise seemed to trivialize and vulgarize childbirth.
For horticultural purists, the news will be seen as further evidence that the noble art of gardening is being vulgarised and reduced to yet another manifestation of our modern obsession with lifestyle and consumerism.
The glory of the samurai sword, vulgarised to the point of farce in Tarantino's Kill Bill, is treated with respect, even awe.
The golden period of Newlyn was over by the turn of the century; thereafter it was vulgarized by an influx of inferior talent, and St Ives came to have a greater attraction for 20th-century artists.
A deal was made, and On the Buses was brought to the screen by Hammer in a film that, instead of attempting to broaden and strengthen its TV source, merely inflated and further vulgarized it.
It looks like Larry is using this simplified and vulgarized version of economics as his basic backdrop, upon which, by throwing in some references from original sources here and there, he builds up his argument.
This vulgarization of Christmas is a totally unacceptable intrusion by the non-Christian majority.
This expansion was justified by pseudoscientific argument, grounded in a vulgarized version of Darwin, the ‘survival of the fittest.’
I like sexy clothes of course but they should not be vulgarised .