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vroom / врум
(of a vehicle or its engine) make a roaring sound when traveling or running at high speed.
Local Administration Minister, M.C. Sampath, waved the flag as Justina on her two-wheeler, vroomed away amidst cheers from her schoolmates and teachers.
имя существительное
the roaring sound of an engine or motor vehicle.
She accelerated with the vroom of the motor, taking off for home.
used to express or imitate the sound of an engine, or to suggest speed or acceleration.
press the ignition button and vroom!
Vroom, vroom , I'm intrigued - what if this is another really neat improvement on digital life from good ol' Google?
Raen opened the door open and sat next to Adam in the front of his Jaguar and slammed the door shut, Adam pressing on the pedal making a loud vroom sound.
On the track, though, there's no racing, just the deafening vroom of the Ferraris as they dart past in a blur once every 1 min 22 secs or so, testing the effectiveness of one tweak after another.
press the ignition button and vroom!
She sat in a little car and turned the wheel and made vroom noises.
Grandson grabs grandpa's ears and, making vroom, vroom and squealing tyre noises ‘drives’ him while hanging onto his ears.
Neil, my former team leader, has taken to bumping blindly around the building in a virtual reality helmet, humming Born To Be Wild and making vroom noises.
Vroom, vroom - new York City owner John Batchelor's driving ambition is set to leave its mark on the Minstermen and their fans.
the vroom of a passing motorcycle
And I guess we actually have to teach him that you push the car and you can make the sound, ‘vroom, vroom ,’ and you push it along a little play-road… whereas he might just pick up the cars and hit them together.