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vox / голос
имя существительное
vote, voice, call, vox, organ, suffrage
имя существительное
(especially in music journalism) vocals; voice.
the barely-there falsetto vox
So - droll sung/spoken vox , chirruping synth loop, mind-numbing repetition - it carbon copies " Once in a Lifetime ".
The lead vox - is there a distortion filter on them?
There's only so much that can be done with basic guitar strumming and male/female vox .
After a week spent yelling my rock vox , my speaking voice was faint and used up.
his matinee-idol vox
Faithfull is entitled to such a vox , one of pure European decadence.
Regardless of the obnoxious vox , The Rapture rocked OK.
I really like the processing on the vox in the very beginning, too.
Track two ` Be Content ' has more crazy noises and enticing vox , overall a really upbeat feel-good without ever been remotely cheesey sound.
the barely-there falsetto vox