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vow / клятва, обет, зарок
имя существительное
oath, vow, swear, sacrament, adjuration, davy
vow, pledge, profession, sacrament
vow, pledge, oath
swear, swear by, vow, asseverate
давать обет
имя существительное
a solemn promise.
Who would have guessed someone so young could make such a solemn vow and keep it for over fifty years.
solemnly promise to do a specified thing.
he vowed that his government would not tolerate a repeat of the disorder
dedicate to someone or something, especially a deity.
I vowed myself to this enterprise
When he had taken his oath of allegiance to become a citizen, it was a solemn and eternal vow to him, equal in weight to his marriage vow .
Perhaps the most poignant thing about yesterday's ceremony was that the ability to fulfil that promise had been demonstrated even before the vow was taken.
Taking a deep breath, Ace decided to make a vow, a vow to protect Ari even if it meant losing his own life.
However, he ventured to guess that no one would state that they wanted to give up the search since Alex had made it blatantly obvious that every word of their vow would be broken.
Certainly some men who might make good priests cannot in honesty undertake a vow of celibacy, and so are lost.
The man is single-minded, stubborn even, and it seems odd that after repeatedly resisting the heartfelt pleas of his countrymen, Larsson might renege on his solemn vow .
Kirkstall was founded as a result of a solemn vow made by Henry de Lacy of Pontefract Castle.
Among those annual commitments is usually a vow to become more deeply spiritual, more religious perhaps.
Their silence was a vow of commitment stronger than faith.
She has taken with full seriousness in her own life the marriage vow with its commitment to lifelong fidelity.