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vouchsafe / удостаивать, соизволять
dignify, honor, deign, grace, vouchsafe, condescend
give or grant (something) to (someone) in a gracious or condescending manner.
it is a blessing vouchsafed him by heaven
He didn't vouchsafe any further information, and Wendy certainly wasn't going to pry.
He claimed that he had been informed that Funfack had indeed been Deputy Chief Medical Officer but he did not vouchsafe who provided that information.
The male of the species was not disgraced, that much I can vouchsafe .
I noted, with the thrill that circumstances vouchsafe to an active scholar only a few times in a full career, that Agassiz had penciled copious marginal notes into this copy.
If God sends or raises up among us someone who can feed our souls, let us receive him with joy and thankfulness from God, according to the gift that has been vouchsafed to him.'
As one senior MP yesterday vouchsafed , the failure to take on the Liberal Democrats in Brent East was a disastrous mistake.
‘Most of them are opting for second pair of sun glasses since they are affordable’, Bajaj vouchsafes .
Lenin's intention was that the testament should remain secret; but his secretary vouchsafed its contents to Stalin.
This information was vouchsafed via CNN from an undisclosed military base, seemingly a long way from Washington.
It is ‘a poem: one of those genuine productions so often vouchsafed to the fortunate public of those days - the golden age of modern literature.