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voucher / ваучер, расписка, поручительство
имя существительное
voucher, note, acknowledgment, chit, release, acquittance
guarantee, surety, bail, security, pledge, voucher
оправдательный документ
voucher, release
warranty, voucher, faith
имя существительное
a small printed piece of paper that entitles the holder to a discount or that may be exchanged for goods or services.
Junior season-ticket holders must exchange their vouchers for a ticket.
Thus providing services after accepting a signed credit card voucher did not fall within the provision.
gift voucher
Similar to mobile phone top-up vouchers, the new voucher has a unique credit card number and a set credit limit.
If you book before November 30 you will receive a discount voucher off our next event.
Parents are given a voucher or certificate by the government to pay for all or part of tuition if they decide to send their child to a private or parochial school.
A massive voucher privatization program turned more than 60 million people into shareholders of Russian businesses.
The privatization process began in late 1992, after all citizens had become entitled to a voucher that could be exchanged for shares in the new private companies.
Points can be used to reduce British Gas and Television Licence bills or be exchanged for shopping vouchers .
The return leg was cancelled and 156 exhausted passengers given meal vouchers and offered accommodation in Rome.
All entrants will receive £20 worth of discount vouchers for Vodafone services.