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votive / исполненный по обету
имя прилагательное
исполненный по обету
имя прилагательное
offered or consecrated in fulfillment of a vow.
votive offerings
имя существительное
an object offered in fulfillment of a vow, such as a candle used as a vigil light.
As with any divinity, more personalized dedications show variation from these norms, and Demeter's votives may not be identical at every sanctuary.
Many votive offerings were found, including bronze dogs and models of limbs suggesting a healing cult.
At Benwell, the god Antenociticus had a small temple outside the Roman fort that was found to contain three votive altars set up by soldiers.
Van der Velden offers a useful classification of votive gifts, of which the image is only one of many alternatives.
DeCredico's medium-size bronze sculptures, with their dark brown patina, make one think of cult objects or votive offerings.
These brightly painted feathered puppets represent spirits and figures from votive dances and are extensively collected.
Fine or folk art created or utilized specifically for protection, intercession, or votive offering.
The current candle was a white, vanilla-scented votive .
Later, elaborate designs were carved on precious wood, ivory and metals, including silver and brass, and inlaid with gold and silver wire, and they became votive objects of veneration for devotees.
The temple's courtyard has scores of small shrines and votive stupas.
A successful banker from Monday to Friday, he spent many a weekend in Atlantic City, where he cast his wealth like a votive offering to the glittering shrines of Fortuna.