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voter / избиратель, участник голосования
имя существительное
voter, elector, constituent, vote
участник голосования
имя существительное
a person who votes or has the right to vote at an election.
This applies to both voters that have applied for a postal vote and those that have not.
Every person who is eligible to vote must be registered as a voter in a single polling division.
There was no way of checking whether the person who had applied for the vote was the legitimate voter .
As a minimum, every postal vote should record the national insurance number of the voter .
So why is the voter turnout so low during the election that directly affects us all?
At the stage of completing the ballot paper the voter has exercised his right to vote in order of preference.
To be a single-issue voter , especially in this election, is ignorant and selfish.
voter apathy
A state law allows polls to close early if all registered voters have cast ballots.
Would you happen to have access to the percentages of eligible voters who in fact voted?
Polling cards are sent out to all voters and give details of where and when to vote.