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voodoo / колдовской, знахарский
имя прилагательное
witching, voodoo, wizard, spellful, necromantic, hoodoo
voodoo, charlatanic, charlatanical
имя существительное
shaman, voodoo, witch-doctor, medicine-man
quack, witch, doctor, voodoo, charlatan, quacksalver
cast a spell on, cast a spell over, witch, bedevil, glamor, voodoo
имя существительное
a black religious cult practiced in the Caribbean and the southern US, combining elements of Roman Catholic ritual with traditional African magical and religious rites, and characterized by sorcery and spirit possession.
But it also plays with core elements of the Haitian voodoo tradition, of Caribbean magic, and of African rituals as well.
affect (someone) by the practice of voodoo.
‘So let me get this straight,’ I said through hot tears, ‘you've been… voodooing the people around you, to get your way.’
The West African and trans-Caribbean influences in the South are best seen in spiritual ceremonies that evoke elements from voodoo rituals.
Nevertheless, most of what a person learns of her in the touristy parts of the French Quarter are myths, twisted truths and lies - as is often the case with most things voodoo .
According to widespread Haitian beliefs, voodoo sorcerers would administer a ‘magic powder’ to their victim.
When people hear the word ‘mystic’, what immediately comes to mind is quackery, voodoo , black magic and the like.
a voodoo priest
While the poems work as dramatic monologues in their own right, they are also metaphors for the human search for faith and truth, in art, religion and, yes, even voodoo dolls.
Advocates say voodoo is a legitimate African-based religion that has been unfairly maligned in movies and popular culture.
African and Caribbean slaves combined Christianity and voodoo ; whites traded in coffin spoons, pored over dream books, said the Lord's Prayer backward to ward off rain.
Haiti has just recognized voodoo as an official religion.
Followers of spirit worship and voodoo , which was introduced into the country by Haitian immigrants, are thought to number about 60,000.