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vomit / рвота, блевотина, рвотная масса
имя существительное
vomit, retching, puke, vomitus, retch, spew
vomit, spew, spue
рвотная масса
имя прилагательное
emetic, vomit, vomitive, vomitory
страдать рвотой
vomit, upchuck
erupt, regurgitate, spout, disgorge, throw up, vomit
имя существительное
matter vomited from the stomach.
Instead, he felt surges of vomit rising from his stomach.
an emetic.
eject matter from the stomach through the mouth.
the sickly stench made him want to vomit
The stench of vomit , blood, and urine fills her nostrils.
the cell stank of vomit and urine
Instead, he felt surges of vomit rising from his stomach.
The person should be placed on one side to avoid the possibility of inhaling vomit .
The disease can spread on contact with body fluids such as blood, urine, excrement, vomit and saliva.
The mornings also bring the added delights of pools of vomit and urine to negotiate.
she used to vomit up her food
Allowing yourself to vomit can help reduce nausea but do not force yourself to be sick.
Finding blood in your vomit or actually vomiting blood can be alarming.
That sounds nice, but I think if I put something in my mouth, I'll vomit .