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volume / объем, том, громкость
имя существительное
volume, capacity, size, bulk, space, content
volume, part, tome, book
volume, loudness, noisiness
имя прилагательное
volume, volumetric
large, volume, large-scale
имя существительное
a book forming part of a work or series.
There was huge, leather bound series of volumes of Encyclopaedia Celtica.
the amount of space that a substance or object occupies, or that is enclosed within a container, especially when great.
the sewer could not cope with the volume of rainwater
quantity or power of sound; degree of loudness.
he turned the volume up on the radio
At the end of the treatment period, the bone volume and density of the femurs were measured by Archimedes' principle.
The sheer volume of consumers has simultaneously homogenized it, as well as reigniting enthusiasm for it.
It gives length and volume , so your hair looks natural.
The grain distribution system currently has massive over-capacity, meaning any company can handle extra volume if it can sell it.
The train operator also indicated it would be putting on extra trains to deal with the huge volume of race-goers expected to flock to the city.
Yet we are still waiting for a compact, scholarly biography of his entire life in a single volume .
With the airport authorities barely equipped to handle such huge volume of people, the airport now resembles a sophisticated bus stand.
Your hair will be just as straight but with more volume .
Pressure sensors determine your body volume by measuring the amount of air your body displaces.
As for playback, the program offers the repeat control, volume level normalisation, and custom track overlap.