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voluble / говорливый, многоречивый, речистый
имя прилагательное
talkative, loquacious, garrulous, voluble, glib
voluble, circumlocutional, long-winded
glib, voluble
имя прилагательное
speaking or spoken incessantly and fluently.
she was as voluble as her husband was silent
She has a voluble and attractive personality, but even if she were cranky and bad-tempered I'd still go there because the food's really good.
Nervous PR folk and man wielding a hair brush flutter around her nervously as the stunning actress is seated and rapidly surrounded by her voluble fans.
He doesn't speak about his wife at all, except to say she is still in Prague, but he is appropriately voluble about his daughter.
Trade union leaders and managements are voluble in condemning each other without owning up responsibility.
I love these guys - they make me look like I'm clever, when really I'm just voluble and profane and tediously honest.
A voluble , burly man with a flush face and a deep voice, he was a force throughout the weekend.
Never having been confronted with this question before, the usually voluble scientist answers evasively, and it temporarily sinks her mission as Earth's representative to other worlds.
The meetings were voluble and at times fierce.
Butchers do know, and they're usually voluble about their product and will help you find what you want at the right price.
Those voices were more voluble and more naive ten years ago than they are today.