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voltmeter / вольтметр
имя существительное
имя существительное
an instrument for measuring electric potential in volts.
An example of this kind of thing is when we use a voltmeter to measure a voltage.
The reference electrode consisted of a second silver-silver chloride electrode placed over an area of abraded skin on the forearm, again connected to the voltmeter .
Thus, to say that there was an electric current of a certain magnitude in a wire was to say that, if one were to attach a voltmeter to one end of the wire, it would indicate that very magnitude.
Natural voltages are measured simply by using a sensitive voltmeter connected to two non-polarizing electrodes pushed into the soil.
I verified the engine switches were in the proper position while my copilot completed the checklist, which requires checking the voltmeter to make sure the remaining generator is not overworked.
The shutter is also controlled by the PC, which also sets the acquisition mode and reads the measured voltages from the digital voltmeter .
An example of this kind of thing is when we use a voltmeter to measure a voltage.
In its turn, the voltmeter was connected to a computer.
With voltmeter in hand, I quickly back-probed the three separate red ECM power wires and the two black/white ECM ground wires.
My boss checked it with a voltmeter and proclaimed it to be dead.
These variables, along with the ambient temperature were fed into a voltmeter and interfaced with a computer for immediate online analysis.