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volte-face / поворот кругом, резкая перемена
имя существительное
поворот кругом
about-turn, about-face, volte-face
резкая перемена
имя существительное
an act of turning around so as to face in the opposite direction.
Then, off to my right around 10 metres, the shark bent, twisted and went volte-face on a sixpence, gathering speed as it cruised back toward me.
This was perceived by the mass of the electorate as a volte-face if not a betrayal of electoral promises.
And this is one of the most striking aspects of this case: how it has forced the government into a volte-face over its public attitudes to doctors.
a remarkable volte-face on taxes
A mass of sentimental and passionate fans gathered outside the headquarters of the Italian Football Federation in Rome as the national coach announced the squad, hoping that their pleas would prompt a last-minute volte-face .
Part of the perplexity arises from a sudden onrush of doubt: did we misread the earlier texts, overlook the clues that would explain this surprising volte-face ?
However, the Italian volte-face did not resolve the situation, for a formidable German army remained in the country, and this had to be fought every step of the way to the borders with Austria and France.
Their biggest volte-face has been on the death penalty.
It does look like a major political volte-face .
Twenty years later, in an astonishing volte-face , its members now stand for election.
This position is a volte-face for Great Britain.