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volition / воля, волевой акт, хотение
имя существительное
will, freedom, volition, pleasure, liberty, purpose
волевой акт
имя существительное
the faculty or power of using one's will.
without conscious volition she backed into her office
Obviously, drinking and intoxication by alcohol complicated notions of individual autonomy and free volition .
His mind, his understanding, his heart and affections, his will and volition are all corrupted.
Such a course of action, he points out, requires a choice based on morality and a conscious act of volition on his part.
It is as if the vortical interplay of thoughts, emotions, and volition is the very source of this sense of ‘self’.
Its members have no volition , no foresight, no memory, no altruism (nor selfishness, in the strict sense).
If you cannot have it by its own total free will and volition , it will never be yours.
The swallowing center is programmed to discharge by volition .
This self-imposed exile was a conscious act of volition .
Yet volition is the one thing that a free individual cannot voluntarily relinquish.
The decision had been made utterly without conscious thought or volition on her part.