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voile / вуаль, тонкая прозрачная ткань
имя существительное
veil, voile, fog, veiling, nun's veiling
тонкая прозрачная ткань
имя существительное
a thin, plain-weave, semitransparent fabric of cotton, wool, or silk.
He added big floral prints drenched with reminiscence and balanced retro-looking fabrics like lightweight cotton voile and washed twill with modern nylon and Lycra blends.
Clean cotton curtains in the same pale shades fitted to curtain poles to give them lift, or else wood-slatted blinds softened by voile curtains, add the finishing touch.
Cut voile fabric to drape over the table, tracing the edges of the white skirt for a guide; no need to hem or size it carefully for this temporary look.
There are also silk taffeta, stretch satin and stretch voile , silk chiffon dresses and printed silk kimonos.
I loved her long cream monk coats with decorative pleating on the sleeves and voile detailing on the neck.
Fabrics are those of traditional lingerie, such as cotton, in a range of textures: batiste, voile , gauze.
This installation comprised sheets of voile and silk suspended like washing on three lines.
a delicate cream voile blouse
The case is lined with white voile with green polka dots, of course.
The bride looked stunning in an ivory train bodice and voile skirt.
A light breeze blew the fine voile curtains away from the windows and early morning light chased away all the shadows.