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voicemail / голосовая почта
речевая почта
звуковая почта
голосовое сообщение
voice message
имя существительное
a centralized electronic system that can store messages from telephone callers.
How do they like to communicate - by e-mail, voicemail or an informal chat when you drop by their office?
I tried to phone your mobile but it kept going to voicemail !
Why can't I figure out how to check my voicemail or get into the system to record my outgoing greeting?
Why don't voicemail systems have the same menu options to delete and store messages, for example?
He left a message, and hoped his friend would check his voicemail in the next hour or so.
After getting no reply, we called him yesterday, leaving a message on his voicemail .
Or you can ignore it, send it to voicemail or forward the call to a wireless phone.
All telephone enquiries from late June onwards were transferred to a mobile phone voicemail .
They also provide voicemail , call forwarding and conference calls, at no extra charge.
Well, she phoned yesterday in the morning and left a message on my voicemail .