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voiceless / глухой, безмолвный, безголосый
имя прилагательное
deaf, blind, voiceless, outlandish, unvoiced, indistinct
silent, speechless, mute, voiceless, noiseless, whist
имя прилагательное
mute; speechless.
how could he have remained voiceless in the face of her cruelty?
Hardly any other Arab or Muslim characters appear, with the exception of extras playing voiceless villagers or servants.
I wanted to understand the cause behind this hatred, especially when it is directed towards voiceless women and children.
This is the most massive financial scandal in UN history, the most disgusting, and the most damaging to vulnerable, voiceless people.
They seek the total control of every person in mind and soul; a harsh society in which women are voiceless and brutalized.
That's why our legislators need to put rights on the statute books which will protect our voiceless citizens should the economy dip.
Without asking, I understood the call she meant, the voiceless pull that kept drawing me to the water unafraid despite my father's fears.
The voiceless women of Jordan seem so distant from the Athenian women, who, two and a half millennia ago, organized to use what voice they had.
Voiced sounds such as vowels and certain consonants such as b, d, and g require vibration of the vocal folds, while voiceless sounds such as the consonants p, t, and k require the vocal folds to be wide apart.
What about our ethical role in protecting these otherwise voiceless people?
I feel helpless and in despair when I think of my whole family and the 100,000 voiceless residents who have been living around the sugar factories of Ethiopia.