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vociferous / многоголосый, шумный, горластый
имя прилагательное
noisy, bustling, loud, tumultuous, rowdy, vociferous
vociferous, shrill-gorged
имя прилагательное
(especially of a person or speech) vehement or clamorous.
he was a vociferous opponent of the takeover
But it's a difficult place to play in because the crowd are more vociferous than they are anywhere else.
But Cork, driven on by a vociferous home crowd, finished well with a Paul Tierney point.
However, Mr Moor said a vociferous minority were spreading misinformation about the genuine risks of mobile phone masts.
In an article for Scotland on Sunday today, Galbraith issues his most vociferous criticism of the policy yet.
Against this background, the brave calls of a vociferous few to sue the company and its directors ring hollow.
Those who call themselves left wing are among the most vociferous opponents of change today.
The closure programme was pushed though against vociferous and sometimes frightening opposition.
The most vociferous condemnation of player behaviour in recent years has come from the media.
There are increasingly vociferous complaints from agencies that child protection is worse then ever.
Many of those who are most vociferous on the matter have been the custodians of the town's infrastructure for years.