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vocalist / вокалист, певица, певец
имя существительное
vocalist, musician
singer, songstress, vocalist, canary
singer, bard, minstrel, vocalist, songster, troubadour
имя существительное
a singer, typically one who regularly performs with a jazz or pop group.
Lead vocalist Pamela Brennan is the best of the available vocalists here.
He's a guest vocalist on a Sharon Robinson album in all but name, and that's a waste.
Without the benefit of any of the guest vocalists , the band is still able to construct a coherent story.
Mid-song, he calls up two backing vocalists to join him, and later adds a drummer.
We've recruited mad Lizzy on keyboards and we're looking for female backing vocalists too.
Lead vocalist Pamela Brennan is the best of the available vocalists here.
Jim loved the lyric and took the song into the studio with guest vocalists Collin Raye and Susan Ashton.
The steady trickle of female, retro styled soul vocalists is threatening to become something of a deluge these days.
Like all great vocalists , notes not words are her primary tools for communication.
Most of the tunes are instrumental, though he drafts a few guest vocalists to quietly croon or blues-up the sound.
But he has done an awful lot to open the door for jazz pianists and vocalists to cross over into the mainstream.