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vocabulary / словарь, лексика, лексикон
имя существительное
dictionary, vocabulary, glossary, lexicon, thesaurus, wordbook
vocabulary, lexis
lexicon, vocabulary, lexis
имя прилагательное
vocabulary, lexical
имя существительное
the body of words used in a particular language.
Just as the vocabulary of a language changes from age to age, so the vocabularies of different languages are distinct in their systems, uses, and references.
He is constantly discovering and adding new movements to the tango vocabulary .
As an added bonus, I realised, new falconers get to learn a vocabulary of Medieval English for free.
We wanted to develop and share a vocabulary about learning, especially in the humanities.
For example, anyone who has looked at a flora or fauna knows that the vocabulary can be specialized and complex.
One can argue that, given equal exposure to words, the size of an individual's vocabulary reflects the individual's cognitive skills.
The problem is that my French vocabulary is so poor that I end up having to look up every other word in a dictionary so it takes ages.
Stephen Lewis used his unmatched vocabulary and stirring oratorical style to take globalization to task.
In any case, from that point onward, ‘homeland defense’ was a stock phrase in the vocabulary of national defense talk.
Like wine tasters, coffee tasters have developed a specialized vocabulary to analyze the complex flavors and feel of a cup of coffee.
Canales is at ease within a flamenco vocabulary , but his choreographic forays into contemporary dance are sadly cliched.