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vivisect / подвергать вивисекции
подвергать вивисекции
perform vivisection on (an animal) (used only by people who are opposed to the practice).
Have we the right to make experiments on animals and vivisect them?
It may be ethically objectionable to vivisect animals, or pursue profits at the expense of nature and community, but it is usually legal.
We teach them how to take living things and vivisect them.
Have we the right to make experiments on animals and vivisect them?
We are left with a caricature of the German doctor as a power crazed, human vivisector .
In 1986 Britain passed a law which orders all vivisectors to show the value of new experiments is greater than the animal suffering inflicted.
Additionally, two animal labs and three vivisector 's offices were entered and all contents relating to animal research were destroyed.
I've heard from another source about the vivisected dog story.
First of all, for those of you who don't know me, I am a former vivisector and I speak out against vivisection now.
Croce reveals the clear contradiction in the attitude of the vivisector towards animals.
A further note on Victor's improbable career: when he is not creating life in the lab, or necromancing with mummy DNA, he apparently vivisects chimpanzees.