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vituperative / бранный, ругательный
имя прилагательное
abusive, expletive, pejorative, vituperative
vituperative, invective
имя прилагательное
bitter and abusive.
the criticism soon turned into a vituperative attack
A working-class boy who got to Oxford and was called to the bar, the 68-year-old never acquired the knack of political subtlety or a public tone of voice which was less than vituperative .
Owing in large part to his frequent vituperative attacks on corporate America, he has so far not found much favor among institutional investors.
Moreover, the Liberals had just recently established a website feature attacking Conservatives in vituperative terms and claiming sole responsibility for attempts to save the centre.
He is known as a vindictive, vituperative , nasty, brutish political boss - but now we learn that he's also a pathetic cry baby.
In an editorial in the November issue the editor admits that the readers' responses to this article had been numerous, negative, and often vituperative .
Finally, even I was struck into amazed silence by the vituperative and downright nasty anti-festive sentiments contained in the latest missive from the boys.
While I'm glad you stated your opinions without recourse to any name-calling or vituperative outbursts, I'm sorry to have to lay down the cards and tell you that you're flat out dead wrong.
The attacks on Australian judges in recent times have become more vituperative , more sustained and more intensely personal.
His crude and vituperative language in exchanges with the Lord Chief Justice have bordered on a rejection of the rule of law.
Its lush harmonic arrangements conceal some vituperative and downright nasty lyrics, delivered in a deceptively deadpan manner.