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vitreous / стекловидный, стеклянный
имя прилагательное
glassy, vitreous, hyaline
glass, glassy, vitreous
имя прилагательное
like glass in appearance or physical properties.
Oneillite is vitreous , transparent to translucent, with a white streak.
Smithsonite exhibits a vitreous luster that tends to be pearly on crystal faces.
In its original sense enamel is glass or vitreous paste fused to a prepared surface, usually of metal, by means of intense heat.
Made from vitreous china in biscuit, white, and black, the rectangular sink measures 21 by 13 inches.
China is a vitreous (smooth and glassy) form of baked clay.
Shallow sculpted basins though eye-catching are not ideal for a busy family bathroom, where a deeper vitreous basin enhanced by interesting taps can look just as good and perform better.
Made of vitreous China, sinks like the 27 1/2-inch pedestal basin shown come with pedestal covers or metal consoles.
It is transparent to translucent and displays a luster that varies from vitreous to somewhat pearly.
The small, vitreous , opaque black grains look very much like the murataite with which it is associated.
It has a vitreous luster and is optically positive.
Artsmithite is vitreous , has an off-white to cream-colored streak, shows no obvious cleavage, and displays an irregular fracture.