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vital / жизненно важный, жизненный, существенный
имя прилагательное
жизненно важный
vital, live, lifelong, biotic, instinct
significant, essential, vital, substantial, important, material
имя прилагательное
absolutely necessary or important; essential.
secrecy is of vital importance
full of energy; lively.
a beautiful, vital girl
the wound is vital
On today's evidence, he is very happy, and more than able, to play a full, vital part for Surrey this season.
As the chilly winter approaches, international aid is necessary and vital to the people of these regions.
Winter is the right season to store energy and vital essence.
He observed that plantations in the province are vital to supplying the necessary soft wood for construction and other industrial uses.
The avoidance of more immediate price increases is therefore not merely necessary, but vital to the achievement of economic stability.
Will it ever be possible to develop computer simulations that accurately model the complex inner workings of the human brain and other vital organs?
Thus, local oxygen partial pressure at the alveolar level is much higher than in other vital organs such as heart, liver, and brain.
Matlala has a vital energy about him, a ready smile and a relaxed confidence, which boils down to him quietly bubbling with charm.
Blood pressure and blood flow to vital organs drop suddenly.
Mr Willmott said: ‘They are absolutely vital to the fire service in this county.’