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vista / перспектива, вид, просека
имя существительное
prospect, perspective, outlook, vista, possibility, promise
view, kind, form, look, appearance, vista
glade, vista, breakthrough
имя существительное
a pleasing view, especially one seen through a long, narrow opening.
a vista of church spires
имя существительное
a city in southwestern California, north of San Diego; population 91,144 (est. 2008).
Volunteers in Service to America.
This new vista brings different challenges for business, for the world of work and for social partnership.
In war, all sides treat civilians as pawns to all sides, but if the Stevens Report is as anticipated it will open up a vista so appalling that the post war liberal and democratic British state should be shaken to its core.
We're talking about a people - lots of them parents - subjected to an endless vista of death and torture, a country in which freedom can never be won without help from outside.
David Lloyd, erstwhile coach of England, was never a natural establishment man, so it is with a detached vista that he has watched events of note unfold at Lord's.
This removes the foreground from view and treats the landscape as a panoramic vista rather than a visual extension of the interior space.
The human figure is reduced to anonymity in the seemingly endless vista of ruin and devastation.
Each of the hotel's 339 rooms offers a waterfront vista with a panoramic view of Tokyo Bay, made more accessible by large bay windows which partially open to allow a sea breeze.
a vista of church spires
It aims to raise awareness of the business potential created by this new commercial vista , and to combat some of the misconceptions which perpetuate about doing business with eastern Europe.
It has opened vistas that I never thought could be associated with writing.