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visor / козырек, забрало, маска
имя существительное
visor, peak, apron, vizor, bill, windscreen
visor, vizor, beaver, vizard
mask, guise, disguise, cover, visor, cloak
имя существительное
a stiff brim at the front of a cap.
It is a six-panel constructed mid-crown, 100% cotton twill front and visor with heavy garment wash.
a visor cap
One by one, each knight closes the visor on his helmet.
Vix activated her rearview screen in her visor and gasped as Troy held off a pair of fighters with bursts of chaingun and plasma cannon fire.
Black accessories now matched the other services, and a black trouser stripe, with gold chin strap and visor cap embroidery, identified officers.
In hot weather, a visor is cooler than a cap, because it doesn't trap the heat.
The young Spellweaver could barely make out his face, which was masked by a full visor .
The glass of the screen shattered as well as the visor .
Amanda wiped her sleeve across her face and adjusted her helmet visor , which she'd decided to wear for the special occasion.
I saw them in the mall at Zumiez the last time I went with Jules… A visor beanie, or something like that…
The helmet had a monochrome visor that covered the entire face, which made him feel as though he were in a dark closet.