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visitor / посетитель, гость, инспектор
имя существительное
visitor, caller, comer
guest, visitor, caller, visitant
inspector, surveyor, supervisor, examiner, controller, visitor
sightseer, tripper, excursionist, visitor, camper, holiday-maker
auditor, inspector, examiner, controller, comptroller, visitor
имя существительное
a person visiting a person or place, especially socially or as a tourist.
Their view will be that of the outsider, the visitor , the tourist.
It will usually vocalize or bill-clap as well, in an effort to scare away the unwanted visitor or predator.
the red-necked grebe is a regular winter visitor
At lower altitudes, the national park offers many safe trails for exploration and a visitor centre.
Frequent visitor to bird tables, especially where peanuts are provided.
O'Callaghan had a regular avian visitor every morning, the high-pitched voice of Sammy Sparrow.
It was one of my old haunts when I was a frequent visitor to New York, working on a novel with underlife scenes on the streets of Brooklyn.
In my yard in Bel Air, California, the band-tailed pigeon is a sporadic visitor .
A glance at a map shows the woodchat to be well distributed as a summer visitor in much of Europe.
She was a frequent visitor to the local garden centres in the city and county and her garden was a testimony to her love of shrubs and flowers.
Mr Michael Henry, who resides in London, but who is a native of the island and a frequent visitor deplored the lack of progress.