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visitation / осмотр, кара, испытание
имя существительное
inspection, examination, survey, visit, checkup, visitation
punishment, judgment, retribution, scourge, penance, visitation
test, trial, experience, assay, probation, visitation
имя существительное
an official or formal visit, in particular.
A decade ago there was such a seminary visitation which, almost everybody agreed, resulted in marked improvements, although many think that visitation was not as thorough as it should have been.
a disaster or difficulty regarded as a divine punishment.
a visitation of the plague
the visit of the Virgin Mary to Elizabeth related in Luke 1:39–56.
He kneels before Mary in the Visitation , Elizabeth and John adjacent to him as intermediaries, requesting Mary's intercessory role on his behalf.
Our prayer is for a visitation of the Holy Spirit, to rescue men and women lost in darkness and superstition, and to bring to them the light of the gospel of the grace of God in Jesus Christ.
Second, old age and death happen, and with them concerns about survivor benefits, hospital visitation , inheritance and end-of-life wishes.
On April 22, 1575, Carlo Borr omeo obtained permission from Pope Gregory XIII to carry out such a visitation of the diocese of Bergamo.
Not surprisingly, I greeted the arrival of our housekeeper like a divine visitation .
Now my parents and everyone else I know want me to go to the funeral and to the visitation .
a visitation of the plague
Child custody and visitation rights are becoming flashpoints in our society: Men are desperate to be a part of their children's lives.
Yet the government spends $340 on enforcing child support for every $1 it spends on enforcing visitation rights.
Hospital visitation , tax benefits, standing for tort claims, and a right of inheritance are among the general rights provided to those in reciprocal beneficiary relationships.
One of the group's first accomplishments was to organize all minority visitation programs ‘under one umbrella,’ Martinez says.