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visioning / концептуализация
имя существительное
the development of a plan, goal, or vision for the future.
months of visioning and dedicated effort have culminated in the building of a cultural center
the action or fact of seeing visions.
The ‘mock ‘attempts of suicide may be a similar form of fantasy, where the loved ones are visioned as standing around the hospital bed and they are finally able to realize how unbearable the pain of life was for us.’
But it may not be the best time to insist on a discussion about city visioning and livable streetscapes.
However, apart from hearing about the process, the nation is yet to have more than a hint as to what this two-year-long pursuit of visioning will yield.
The visioning process used by the UK management resulted in a clear statement of intent and, following that, an understanding of the strategic options open to the business.
The congregation recently worked with a visioning process and community needs assessment.
The programme also gives bosses opportunities to hear how existing businesses have implemented forward thinking, strategy and visioning to achieve success, and how they should prepare for the future.
Until this unlikelihood occurs, we are left with a personal struggle to take control of our own destiny and attempt the visioning without Science to hold our hand and this is how it should be.
All top achievers regardless of their field of excellence would have to agree on the importance of: goal setting and visioning ; excellent instruction and feedback; hard work and practice; and the ability to perform.
they all agree on the importance of goal-setting and visioning
Once a project has been completed, a post-occupancy study is just as important as the predesign visioning process.
In addition to comprehensive lists of practical references, there is an appendix with work sheets to be used in the visioning process and planning activities for groups that wish to seriously pursue innovative marketing strategies.