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vision / видение, зрение, мечта
имя существительное
vision, seeing, apparition, dream, wraith
vision, sight, eyesight, eye
dream, vision, desire, ambition
имя существительное
the faculty or state of being able to see.
she had defective vision
an experience of seeing someone or something in a dream or trance, or as a supernatural apparition.
the idea came to him in a vision
The ‘mock ‘attempts of suicide may be a similar form of fantasy, where the loved ones are visioned as standing around the hospital bed and they are finally able to realize how unbearable the pain of life was for us.’
This is not the usual on screen vision , so you'll have to come along and see what is happening.
the organization had lost its vision and direction
They have keen hearing and good senses of vision and smell.
The sound is travelling slower than the big screen vision !
Humans, once they have been transformed, have a greater sense of smell, better vision , and elevated hearing.
a vision of retirement
A commitment to such action by any government can only be regarded as an unusual act of political vision .
The visitors will be able to read a news bulletin or operate the camera, sound, vision desks or autocue.
Some people have an unusually acute sense of vision , hearing, or smell, what psychologists call hyperesthesia.
Their efforts for educational advancement lack clear perception of the present and a flawed vision of the future.