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visible / видимый, зримый, очевидный
имя прилагательное
visible, apparent, visual, discernible, seeable, outward
evident, obvious, apparent, demonstrable, visible, manifest
имя прилагательное
able to be seen.
the church spire is visible from miles away
of or relating to imports or exports of tangible commodities.
the visible trade gap
The music has become one of America's most visible and vital exports.
A towering cloud of black smoke flanked by soaring flames was visible for miles around, providing an awesome and menacing picture of the developing inferno.
Not only should this increase have shown up in visible stocks; it was not physically possible to store such a high increase in global oil inventories.
Although she wasn't visible to the public the past few days, Harris said she and her staff have been working behind the scenes to help victims.
An enormous hole had been made by the impact of the projectile, and the sand and gravel had been flung violently in every direction over the heath, forming heaps visible a mile and a half away.
But some of the park's neighbours have claimed the tower ride, which is visible from several miles away, is an eyesore and have called for its removal.
By the time they reach the Earth, many photons have wavelengths that are out of the range of visible light or are even too large to be detected.
This visible public statement of solidarity could be seen as potentially very empowering for those participating in such events.
In the forty miles of landscape visible from the hilltop, those two towers were the only buildings in sight.
But he is easily the most visible behaviorist, based on citation frequency and surveys of influential behavioral scientists.