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visibility / видимость, обзор
имя существительное
visibility, appearance, seeing, semblance, facade, seeming
review, survey, visibility, stocktaking, overlook, conspectus
имя существительное
the state of being able to see or be seen.
a reduction in police presence and visibility on the streets
a reduction in police presence and visibility on the streets
visibility was down to 15 yards
Most accidents in the past two months were the result of poor visibility because of rainy conditions, she said.
Police have returned to patrol local streets on foot and on bikes after sustained community pressure for higher visibility policing.
The howling wind and driving rain had created zero visibility conditions.
Regional Airport was 7,000 ft overcast with seven miles visibility in light rain.
We were below the weather, with good visibility , but the field wasn't there.
A disproportionate amount of the lower visibility general assignment positions have historically gone to women and minorities.
The information may also be passed on to divers, who are working in arduous conditions, battling poor weather and visibility as well as up to four metres of silt.
Surely, the more people on the march, the stronger the presence and visibility , the better?