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viscount / виконт
имя существительное
имя существительное
a British nobleman ranking above a baron and below an earl.
The wives of a king, prince, duke, marquess, earl, viscount and baron are queen, princess, duchess, marchioness, countess, viscountess and baroness respectively.
Thanks to the major and minor arcana of good behaviour set out in the book, I am at no loss as to the correct order of precedence as to whether a marchioness or a viscount should be led into dinner first.
Immediately, her eyes sought out the handsome viscount .
The new viscount , John's cousin, had once been a close friend of Julia's.
Edward, tell Freddie how nice it would be to be a viscount .
Never again in Britain will someone have the right to make laws which affect the lives of ordinary families solely because their ancestor was a duke, an earl or a viscount .
Attendants of an earl, viscount or baron wore six rows of curls on state wigs and five on house wigs.
Substantial alterations were carried out by the fourth viscount , who had the front of the house partly stuccoed and the staircase lined with mirrors in imitation of Versailles.
Nicknamed ‘Bully’ Bolingbroke, the viscount was a famous figure in the world of breeding and racing, both as an owner and as a reckless gambler.
There will also be an evening of Poetry, Prose and Music for a Summer Evening in the picturesque gardens of Burnt Norton House at the kind invitation of the viscount and viscountess Sandon.
He was made a viscount in 1946, and was Governor-General of Canada until 1952, when he became Churchill's Minister of Defence.