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viscose / вискоза
имя существительное
viscose, rayon
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a viscous orange-brown solution obtained by treating cellulose with sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide, used as the basis of manufacturing rayon fiber and transparent cellulose film.
The first step in the manufacture of rayon is to make viscose .
I don't know where that original rayon was produced, but the American rayon was manufactured by the American Viscose Company, hence the name viscose often used interchangeably with rayon.
Prints in black and white or black and cream will be very strong in 2004 and this scheme translates well into other mood designs such as ethnic prints on various fabrics like crêpes, seersucker, sheers, viscose georgette and satin.
There is printed floral viscose in rose, violet or tulip.
And as mentioned previously, the firm also offered linen / viscose jacquards with cut, floating yarns.
The chemical is used in the production of textiles such as rayon and viscose .
Most of the garments were made of viscose fabric base, bio-degradable and 100 per cent shrinkage free.
The Dressman is suitable for shirts made from silk, viscose , cotton, linen, flannel and all other non-stretch materials.
They included a paper-touch cotton batiste; cotton poplin with a water-repellent finish; and sheers in blends of viscose and nylon.
Expertly based on simple, smooth, sculptural lines, exploring colour by layering and integrating silk and viscose , adding another textural element to her work.
He tried coating the cloth with a thin sheet of viscose film.