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viscid / вязкий, густой, тягучий
имя прилагательное
viscous, ductile, tough, viscid, pasty, slimy
thick, dense, bushy, heavy, rich, viscid
viscous, stringy, ductile, ropy, malleable, viscid
имя прилагательное
glutinous; sticky.
the viscid mucus lining of the intestine
Today, those arachnids are the only ones that spin webs bearing viscid silk near tree trunks, where seepifig resin would be likely to trap a stray strand of silk. - S.P.
These rewards include pseudopollen, wax or a viscid , resinous material secreted by the labellum and floral nectar.
The naked seeds of T. aphyllus are covered entirely by a viscid layer that adheres most of the time to the cuticle and spines of cacti.
The presence of copious quantity of viscid mucus in the airways predisposes patients to frequent pulmonary infections, mainly due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa leading to a chronic neutrophil-dominated inflammation.
Eccrine sweat glands produce a watery secretion, whereas apocrine secretion is more viscid .
Scoop out the peanut butter into a separate large saucepan, add cloves, peppercorns and 500 ml of hot water and blend with a ladle into a smooth slightly viscid paste.
While a number of seeds possess hooks, barbs, or viscid substances for a quick stick, many small seeds without special anatomical adaptations can get caught up in fur, feathers, and feet.
Phlegm is motionless, viscid , sticky, heavy, inert, cold, soft, and white.
No degree of description can match the drama of seeing tadpoles progress from lacking forelimbs to froglets and succeed in transforming as a pool is reduced to viscid , then cracked, mud.
While the plant is poisonous, the expressed thick, viscid oil is used as a powerful laxative and purgative.