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virulent / вирулентный, опасный, злобный
имя прилагательное
dangerous, hazardous, unsafe, perilous, risky, virulent
vicious, malicious, spiteful, malevolent, catty, virulent
poisonous, venomous, toxic, noxious, toxicant, virulent
terrible, fearful, horrible, frightful, frightening, virulent
имя прилагательное
(of a disease or poison) extremely severe or harmful in its effects.
Mark Oliver Everett is what epidemiologists and Dustin Hoffman call a hot spot, a highly contagious carrier of an extremely virulent disease who infects anyone who crosses his path.
bitterly hostile.
a virulent attack on liberalism
They also question whether terrorists would even try to develop West Nile as a weapon when more virulent viruses are available.
When a predisposing factor cannot be identified, potential explanations include a particularly virulent pathogen or an underlying genetic predisposition.
By comparison, six out of seven unvaccinated animals had to be treated for virulent malaria.
36 patients in five Montreal hospitals have died from a virulent infection, officials confirmed Friday.
Violence and gamesmanship are a virulent virus infecting sport.
And on the nursing front, Alwin notes that there's been an outbreak of atypical pneumonias in Asia, possibly harbingers of a more virulent flu strain to come.
E. A. Freeman's virulent attacks on J. A. Froude for inadequacy in using archives are similarly to be recognized as rhetoric.
Unless there was an extremely virulent strain of influenza going around, it might not be worth the risk.
If you weren't contaminated before, you'll be in close contact with long-lived virulent nasties soon's you handle one of those magazines.
And so massive amounts of radioactivity spewed out in an invisible cloud which spread the most virulent poison all over the land.