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virile / мужественный, мужской, зрелый
имя прилагательное
manly, masculine, virile, spunky, fearless, manful
male, masculine, men's, android, virile, manlike
mature, ripe, adult, virile, mellow
имя прилагательное
(of a man) having strength, energy, and a strong sex drive.
He deconstructs myths of the tough virile man, laying his anxieties bare on the floor.
Besides, you've just been dumped for another, more virile man so I hardly think you're one to speak.
Sacred bovids, beginning with the fecund cow and advancing to the virile bull, were finally degraded to mere substance in the hands of humanized deities.
Gandhari is given away by reluctant parents to a blind but virile husband, yet is unable to become a mother by natural means.
It was a strong hand, virile and filled with vigor.
Usually, US Army personnel are depicted on TV or in the movies as smart, fit, tall, handsome, virile men, eager to fight for their country and ever at the ready.
According to Hicks, the Christian gentleman is ‘strong, virile , and courageous,’ but will ‘never cause pain and is always kind and polite.’
Cummins is a vulnerable, angry, intense, virile and passionate performer, making a ‘raging bull’ appear human, sad, remorseful and honourable.
The soldiers are being taught the perfect etiquette in beheading - the exact way to cleanse the sword, the proper way to swing the weapon, the strong virile shout.
It flags during the encampment scenes, with some redundant gore, but this is a muscular, virile piece of film-making from Boyle.
It implies progress, action, a sweeping away of the old order, a new era of vigorous and virile therapy.