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virgin / девственница, дева, девственник
имя существительное
virgin, vestal, cherry
virgin, maiden, maid, may
имя прилагательное
virgin, virginal, maiden, chaste, vestal
clean, pure, net, clear, unadulterated, virgin
primary, prime, virgin, ultimate, elementary, archetypal
имя прилагательное
being, relating to, or appropriate for a virgin.
his virgin bride
not yet touched, used, or exploited.
acres of virgin forests
имя существительное
a person who has never had sexual intercourse.
A myth in South Africa holds that sexual intercourse with a virgin can heal a man from HIV infection.
One by one, they toss their flowers in, virgin white upon the black dirt.
We shared 40 litres of our very own virgin olive oil.
She wanted to be a virgin bride but that, she claims, was not an option in Margate.
I recognise that sometimes children can come along before the marriage but to prance about in a white dress playing the virgin bride is a bit much.
It's 85 percent virgin wool, 15 percent nylon blend, with front and back yoke.
When the composition limits restrict the use of scrap, the product is designated as primary or virgin casting alloy ingot.
And people don't understand why I'm standing here in a virgin white race suit unable to answer whether I'm going to be racing for Jaguar next year?
Crafted from a blend of virgin wool, angora and polyamide, this classic pullover features a crew neckline and ribbed hemline.
This time she was dressed in white: a virgin princess lying caught among the cobwebs of the stars.
It was an era of virgin brides and saucy postcards, when society was hungry for sexual freedom - but was too embarrassed to admit it.