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virgil / вергилий
имя существительное
( 70–19 bc ) , Roman poet; Latin name Publius Vergilius Maro . He wrote three major works: the Eclogues , ten pastoral poems that blend traditional themes of Greek bucolic poetry with contemporary political and literary themes; the Georgics , a didactic poem on farming; and the Aeneid , an epic poem about Aeneas, a Trojan (see Aeneid ).
There are Virgilian similes in Spenser, Virgilian motifs in Shakespeare's Rape of Lucrece and Milton's Paradise Lost.
She cites a familiar Virgilian tag, but her favoured literary models are more humble.
In the first, Virgilian , part of the digression, Aristaeus complains to his mother, the river-goddess Cyrene, that his bees are lost and his estate ruined.
Fry's theories, anecdotes, quotations and Virgilian similes can have a similarly gimmicky feel about them; happily, though, they serve a greater purpose.
Certain concepts, such as the decorative or the Virgilian heritage, receive less full treatment than their significance might warrant.