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violoncello / виолончель
имя существительное
cello, violoncello, bass-viol
It was with great joy that I learned you had composed a work for my instrument, the violoncello .
This piece is not one of his best, although the cellist showed incredible skill on the unruly violoncello , managing to coax the best possible tone in spite of the instrument's limitations.
Just as cello is short for violoncello and kaz (pronounced ‘cuz ‘) is the rarely used symbol for kazoo, piano is actually an abbreviation of pianoforte.’
The compositions on his six CDs feature sitar, flute, clarinet, soprano sax, violin viola, violoncello , contrabass, percussion and electronic devices as well as solo guitar.
There is also a separate copy of the solo harpsichord part in a second hand, as well as parts in a third hand with an arrangement of the harpsichord part for solo violin and violoncello .
In 1866 Grünfeld was appointed court violoncellist to King William of Prussia..
I am pleased to inform you of the publication of my new book of art entitled ‘The violoncellist ’.
His compositions are remarkable well adapted to the instrument for which they are written and have achieved a well deserved popularity among violoncellists .
The competition is open to violoncellists of every nationality.
Though an old man at the time, he was an accomplished violoncellist , and a patient teacher.