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violate / нарушать, насиловать, попирать
violate, break, disturb, infringe, breach, transgress
rape, force, violate, ravish, do violence to, outrage
trample, violate, tread down, trample on, flout, override
break or fail to comply with (a rule or formal agreement).
they violated the terms of a ceasefire
‘What matters to us is to rid our countries of the aggressors, to confront those who attack us, who violate what we hold sacred, or steal our riches,’ he said.
Moreover, transforming this view into a legal ban, and imposing it on Jane Doe and other parents, would violate their Constitutional right to privacy.
Extreme cases come from martyrs who choose death rather than violate principles which are sacred to them.
Such wars reinforce the lesson that it is okay to kill, beat up and violate other people's partners and children, while it is not acceptable - at least in words - at home.
If the new rules violate the law, the courts will take care of that.
The laws also endanger women's health, and violate privacy rights and the Equal Protection clause of the constitution.
In California, making an agreement to violate the law can be a misdemeanor - or a felony!
Some laws are so sacred that we must willingly die rather than violate them.
By taking the lives of their children, along with their own, parents violate this sacred and most fundamental right of their children.
Another concern is ensuring that amateur video featuring people doesn't violate privacy rights.