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viola / альт, виола, фиалка
имя существительное
alto, viola
viola, viol
violet, viola
имя существительное
an instrument of the violin family, larger than the violin and tuned a fifth lower.
Among the strings, there are twelve violins, two violas , four cellos, and two double basses.
a plant of a genus that includes the pansies and violets.
It may be a little early to start summer annuals, but pansies, violas , snapdragons, calendulas and more will go strong until June or even later if planted anew now.
This instrument, designed by Shankar and built by Ken Parker, covers the entire orchestral range, including double-bass, cello, viola and violin.
The performances he delivers are a testimony to his passion for the viola and string instruments in general.
he plays the viola
The superb string playing of the New World musicians and the beautifully articulated solos by the first chair violin, viola , and cello principals contributed to a deeply moving interpretation.
A small band consisting of two violins, a viola , and a cello played near the large glass doors that led to an outdoor veranda.
This highly evocative work had a real African feel, conjuring up the jungle sounds of insects and birds on the flute with a tropical hum from the violin, viola and cello.
The Octet is scored for flute, clarinet, French horn, violin, viola , cello, double bass, and piano.
She played four different instruments: Piano, violin, viola , and clarinet.
As the viola plays a fifth lower than the violin, last-minute transpositions and rethinkings of piano parts were necessary.
I once tried to write a string quartet that eliminated violins completely - two violas and two cellos - before my professor made me revise it for the standard combo in the name of greater color variation.