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vintner / виноторговец, сборщик винограда
имя существительное
vintner, cellarman
сборщик винограда
vintner, vintager
имя существительное
a wine merchant.
Never mind that the vast majority of vintners and tasters and sommeliers are men.
a wine maker.
I'm no vintner and I'm hardly a wine connoisseur.
I'm no vintner and I'm hardly a wine connoisseur.
As we walk away from the cameras and lights, I give him a bottle of what an Edinburgh vintner called the Orson Welles of wines.
And who says that a Chardonnay socialist knows how to spend the vintner's money better than a vintner, especially when the vintner is struggling to survive?
The New World vintner 's goal is to produce a uniform taste through the entire production run.
When fermentation has run its course, the vintner will stop the process and filter the wine to remove solids and yeast remnants.
The simple wine tavern, owned and operated by the vintner and his family, combines the best of a picnic with dining out.
Days before the deadline, vintner lobbyists nationwide moderated their hard-line attitude and signalled acknowledgement that the new law was about to be a fact of life.
We don't know much at all about him other than that he was a sophisticated cosmopolitan of the merchant class whose father was a vintner .
A vintner found selling corrupt wine was forced to drink it, then banned from the trade.
To make a red wine, a vintner will let the juice of the grapes mix with the skins.