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vinous / бордовый, винный, вызванный опьянением
имя прилагательное
wine, winy, vinous, vinic
вызванный опьянением
имя прилагательное
resembling, associated with, or fond of wine.
a vinous smell
Want to know what's rowing the vinous boat for both my customers and myself in 2005?
He likes rosé wines and, horror of all possible vinous horrors, has been known to drink a glass of ‘white’ Zinfandel.
The oldest name in vinous Australia, the Barossa Valley, is home to many producers, controlling one-quarter of total Australian production.
His interest in things vinous really took off when he started to play for England, courtesy of an indulgent waiter at the Petersham hotel in Richmond, the team's London headquarters.
It sounds to me like the vinous equivalent of ‘teaching for the test,’ a phenomenon now rampant in American public schools as they aim to show improvements in standardized test scores.
He was a stout man, of a vinous complexion, with what I should call here, where our speech is mostly uncouth, an educated accent
Before you dismiss me as a vinous elitist with more dosh than brain cells, let me ask you a couple of questions.
Water boiled on this paper acquired a vinous red colour
It should be no shock that wines produced in Napa, Maremma, and Pomerol can be difficult to tell apart - the owners belong to the same vinous country club.
This Harvest Ale has a vinous character; it's sweet, rich, and high in alcohol.