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vindicate / отстаивать, реабилитировать, оправдывать
defend, advocate, assert, fight, stand up for, vindicate
rehabilitate, exonerate, vindicate, exculpate, retrieve, discharge
justify, warrant, defend, excuse, acquit, vindicate
clear (someone) of blame or suspicion.
hospital staff were vindicated by the inquest verdict
She comes out with an agenda, to vindicate Michael, but not to talk about herself, and I thought that was very telling.
The former trade minister says that he is happy to submit to any tests that help vindicate him.
Representing himself, his argument will be that he has a right to vindicate his person and what he describes as his ‘good name’.
But people need to remember, she's in prison and we're hoping to vindicate her.
I really think Wanderers have done themselves proud this season and results vindicate Sam's attitude.
The smartest way to steal their thunder - and vindicate the event - was to highlight an alternative agenda that the protesters cared about.
The verdict of the Court of Appeal today serves to vindicate her and stands as testimony to the unstinting efforts of those supporting her.
Ms Hanley vowed to continue the fight to vindicate her late father's name and reputation.
Inherent in Augustine's lifelong concern to vindicate providence was his belief that no pain or loss is undeserved.
These revelations certainly vindicate the concerns he expressed at the time.