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vinaigrette / флакон с нюхательной солью
имя существительное
флакон с нюхательной солью
vinaigrette, smelling bottle
имя существительное
salad dressing of oil, wine vinegar, and seasoning.
Spoon a portion of red curry vinaigrette around the steak tartare.
a small ornamental bottle for holding smelling salts.
We left the windows open for a few hours, but the apartment still smells like a vinaigrette .
Miss Lyell, who had returned the vinaigrette to her reticule, now fumbled for it again,
"I hope you brought your own vinaigrette tonight, Lady Woodbridge?" Althea asked innocently, "I'm afraid to say that I left mine in Hertfordshire."
In Lincolnshire you eat stuffed chine with vinegar, but vinaigrette and salad with bread and butter and mustard seem better to me.
Then a small, exquisite pumpkin soup, followed by ravioli of langoustine with a light lobster vinaigrette and other bits and pieces, a combination of flavours I shall long remember.
New recipes arrived via people rather than books and my sister's summer in France introduced us to tabbouleh, ratatouille and real vinaigrette on salads.
We do have a home made, sugar free mint sauce and a home made oil and fat free vinaigrette salad dressing.
Add some mustard vinaigrette and toss to combine.
Variations of curry vinaigrette, juniper vinaigrette, and mustard oil vinaigrette created a whole new sauce dialogue.
Drizzle the scallops with the passion fruit vinaigrette and sour cream sauce.
For lunch I had courgette soup followed by a smoked chicken salad drizzled with raspberry vinaigrette .