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vin / vin
имя существительное
French wine.
vin blanc
vehicle identification number.
You didn't think we'd toss off the idea to serve wines like moscato and vin santo, then leave you hanging, did you?
Indeed the word ‘vinegar’ comes from the French vin aigre, meaning sour wine.
Not surprisingly, he has discovered the utter joy to be found in a decent bottle of vin rouge.
Other kinds of sweet wine are forms of fortified wines and ripaso-style wines, such as vin santo or succulent tawny ports.
Within minutes there were two vin blancs in front of us.
They have learnt, through much experience, that we can literally tell at a glance (though usually over a glass of vin rouge) if what they are about to start taking will help or harm them.
In Bordeaux, winemakers are simply trying to make the best grand vin , or top wine, and most will ruthlessly demote wines as they see fit.
Finally, the meal comes to an end with pecorino and pear, a variety of home-made cakes, vin santo and cantucci, Marsala wine and coffee.
Fiona ordered roast monkfish tail, clams, cocotte potatoes and sauce vin rouge while I went for the salmon escalope, fish velouté risotto and poached egg.
We were forced, arms twisted up our backs, to wash the feast down with copious amounts of vin rouge and/or blanc.