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villainous / злодейский, подлый, отвратительный
имя прилагательное
vile, sneaky, despicable, dastardly, mean, villainous
disgusting, hideous, heinous, abominable, revolting, villainous
имя прилагательное
relating to, constituting, or guilty of wicked or criminal behavior.
his group of villainous accomplices are wreaking havoc on the city
In this critically acclaimed performance, the actor explores and analyses some of Shakespeare's most villainous characters like Lago, the Macbeths, Shylock and Richard III.
He shot Janine a villainous grin as he pulled the car from his parking spot, she gave him an unamused look, but it became a playful grin seconds later.
John Kesterton, the deputy headmaster of Tadcaster Grammar School, takes the role of the villainous Bill Sykes, whose poor, unfortunate girlfriend Nancy is played by Tamsin Chadwick, while Shelley Cook is Bet.
Set during the era of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Gladiator casts Joaquin Phoenix as Aurelius's villainous heir who imprisons hero general Maximus and forces him to become a gladiator.
It tells the story of Vindici (played in our film by Christopher Eccleston), who, impoverished and dispossessed, returns to court to murder the villainous duke.
Britain has become a bolt-hole for villainous individuals and criminal organisations from all over the world.
Even in the nineteenth century a dean of Westminster Abbey refused to allow a plaque honouring the villainous author of Paradise Lost to stain the abbey's walls, although later deans allowed a bust in Poet's Corner.
Kenneth Branagh preens himself amusingly as buttery fop, explorer and new Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher Gilderoy Lockhart; Jason Isaacs is disdain personified as the villainous Lucius Malfoy.
What barbarous, villainous , and depraved acts did he commit that labor leaders and heads of national liberal groups denounce him as the enemy of minorities, the poor, women, and the environment?
His black mustache-goatee-beard combo made him look a little more villainous , or perhaps a little more dashing.