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vigour / сила, энергия, действительность
имя существительное
force, power, strength, intensity, might, vigor
energy, power, vigor, vitality, intensity, might
reality, real, fact, validity, actuality, vigor
имя существительное
physical strength and good health.
According to the study, symmetry of face and body suggests health and vigor - and therefore genetic fitness - while asymmetry implies the opposite.
legal or binding force; validity.
You are blessed with good health and vigour , which enable you to participate in busy schedules.
Energy, vigour and emotion were what were missing most in the second-rate acting.
Conductors, too, can retain their musical powers long after physical vigour has departed.
He was unusual among Bolshoi dancers in having not only strength and athletic vigour , but elegance too.
He pursued these three aims in his lifetime with vigour and determination.
In the matches against Celtic these clubs played with an admirable fire and vigour .
A typical heart failure patient will have become accustomed to an inexorable decline in physical vigour .
Aided by the river's rapid current, he swam several miles downstream in an impressive display of physical vigour .
The violins, viola and cello were played with great vigour , intensity and lyrical beauty.
And the young cast brings to the production enough raw energy and vigour to leave the audience spellbound.